When compared to traditional lead acid batteries...


lighter weight


more efficient


longer lifespan


higher charging efficiency


Manufacturer Warranty

5-year manufacturing warranty covers defective workmanship and materials.


Internal thread terminals for maximum compatibility

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) - Far exceeding the safe operating range of traditional lead acid batteries

Storage Capacity

22.2 Ah (amp hours). K2 Energy's batteries deliver a steady power output over the entire span of 22.2 amp hours


LxWxH - 7.8 in. (197mm) x 5.2 in (132mm) x 6.8 in (173mm)


35 amp recommended continuous load current, 40 amp max continues load current, and 70 amp max pulse discharge.



Safety In Mind

High Resistance, thermal runaway, and built-in protection circuits

Series & Parallel

Wiring In Series: Max 2 Packs
Wiring In Parallel: No Limit


11.7 lbs (5.3 Kg) - More than 50% lighter than comparable lead acid batteries

Added Benefits

Environmentally friendly chemistry and unmatched safety

Frequently Asked Questions


Unbelievably light weight. Will be perfect for running my QRP rig from the field. Amazing technology. Would recommend to anyone.

John T.

Love this battery. Maintenance free and SAFE! I use mine for storing solar energy for DC powered projects and applications.


A lightweight and long-lasting battery

Jeff Tang

12 days ago

These K2 batteries are perfect. They work exactly as advertised and the run time is a little longer than I had expected.

David O.

Cutting edge technology and impeccable customer service. Highly recommended!

Derk Hebdon

Verified customer

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