K2|Lithium Ion™ battery technology delivers high power and energy density without compromising safety.

  • Safety – K2|Lithium Ion™ does not experience thermal runaway.
  • Long Life – K2|Lithium Ion™ has low capacity loss and low impedance growth.
  • Lighter, Smaller – K2|Lithium Ion™ is light weight and up to 1/3 the size of conventional lead acid batteries.

K2|Lithium Ion™ can be cycled to 100% depth of discharge allowing our cells, batteries and systems to meet, often exceeding energy needs and even avoiding the need for redundant capacity.

K2|Lithium Ion HT™ battery technology improves power and energy at extreme temperatures. Rated for -40°C to +85°C, K2|Lithium Ion HT™ can exceed the performance of other traditional lithium chemistries by up to 2-3X, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for thermal management while reducing total cost of ownership with improved calendar and cycle life.

Superior Power

Provides consistent power over a wide range of states of charge for greater capacity utilization

Highest Energy Density

Industry leading LFP energy density with unmatched efficiency & performance


Proven chemically safe formula provides much greater abuse tolerance over lithium oxide based chemistries with no thermal runaway


No harmful or expensive heavy metals– recyclable with reduced environmental impact

Cycle Life

Delivers thousands of cycles at 100% depth of discharge – Up to 10X the life of traditional lead acid batteries


As little as 50% the size and weight of the traditional lead acid batteries of equivalent capacity

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