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You’ll be a part of something big by becoming a K2 partner/distributor. We have the products and support that you need to succeed. As an industry leader, we have gained the trust of our partners by helping them understanding how best to serve their customers. Become a partner/distributor today and empower your customers with industry-leading products.

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K2 offers two cell types that provide reliable, sustained power applications for starter batteries, power tools, transition battery back-up, and high pulse power energy storage systems. K2’s High Temperature™ technology ensures both types are tolerant of extreme temperatures and conditions without compromising our signature safety, life, and performance.

Deep Cycle LFP Batteries

K2 Energy offers the industry's highest quality deep cycle lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. Our LFP batteries provide superior performance, longer life cycles and higher energy density than traditional lead acid batteries.

Portable Power Station

K2 portable power stations provides peace of mind with their safe and reliable battery-powered storage system. With different sizes and power capacities, the K2 has you covered for any situation, whether you're on a road trip, participating in outdoor adventures, or experiencing a power outage.


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