When compared to traditional lead acid batteries...

Product Hightlights

• K2 Energy's 12v 11ah LiFePO4 battery is powered by high-capacity lithium iron phosphate cells, ensuring the highest level of safety during operation and superior performance.

• This battery features an ultra-lightweight case design, making it remarkably easy to move compared to traditional sealed lead-acid batteries.

• Designed for durability and longevity, K2's 12v 11ah battery includes cell balancing for consistent discharge and a standby life of 5-10 years

• 3000+ cycles - 10x the cycle life of sealed lead acid batteries. SLA batteries of similar size and spec typically last 500 cycles.

• Splash & Dust Resistant Case - For marine use please use a water tight case for full protection

Safe Battery Design

K2 LiFePO4 chemistry batteries are less likely to leak or rupture, and they’re not prone to thermal runaway, which can cause a fire or explosion. K2 LiFePO4 batteries are more environmentally friendly than sealed lead-acid batteries, as they don’t contain any toxic heavy metals.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

While LiFePO4 batteries may have a higher upfront cost than lead-acid batteries, they’re often the more cost-effective option in the long run. They offer longer lifespans and require less maintenance, which can ultimately save you money over time.

No Maintenance & Longer Lifespan

LiFePO4 batteries require minimal maintenance, with no need for regular maintenance. Lead Acid batteries require regular maintenance with the frequent need for adding distilled water and replacing corroded terminals. Lead-acid batteries develop a memory effect over time, which means they can quickly lose their capacity to hold a charge. Lithium batteries hold their charge longer, more consistently, and have a much longer overall lifespan.

What Makes Us Different

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Lightweight Design

Ultra Lightweight design - over 50% weight savings compared to similar capacity SLA batteries. Remarkably easy to move and more space efficient.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

Our BMS system safeguards your battery with features such as low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, overcharge protection, short circuit protection and high/low-temperature protection-preventing damage from extreme conditions. K2 Energy's BMS has an auto-balancing cell function to actively maintain consistent voltage and state of charge across all LiFePO4 cells to extend battery lifespan.

Outdoor & Industrial Use

K2 Energy's 12V 11Ah LiFePO4 battery is engineered for rugged outdoor applications like fish finders, fishing kayaks, boating electronics, and ice fishing augers. This pack also has many industrial uses such as robotics, solar powered lights, backup power systems and 12v SLA replacement battery.


Manufacturer Warranty

5-year manufacturing warranty covers defective workmanship and materials.

Safety In Mind

High Resistance, thermal runaway, and built-in protection circuits

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C) - Far exceeding the safe operating range of traditional lead acid batteries

Storage Capacity

11.25 Ah (amp hours). K2 Energy's batteries deliver a steady power output over the entire span of 11.25 amp hours


LxWxH - 5.94 in. (151mm) x 2.53 in (64.3mm) x 3.83 in (97.3mm)


11.2 amp recommended continuous load current, 25 amp max continues load current, and 40 amp max pulse discharge.




Compatible with Faston 0.250" connectors

Series & Parallel

Wiring In Series: Max 4 Packs
Wiring In Parallel: No Limit


2.87 lbs (1.3 Kg) - More than 50% lighter than comparable lead acid batteries

Added Benefits

Environmentally friendly chemistry and unmatched safety

Frequently Asked Questions


Unbelievably light weight. Will be perfect for running my QRP rig from the field. Amazing technology. Would recommend to anyone.

John T.

Love this battery. Maintenance free and SAFE! I use mine for storing solar energy for DC powered projects and applications.


A lightweight and long-lasting battery

Jeff Tang

12 days ago

These K2 batteries are perfect. They work exactly as advertised and the run time is a little longer than I had expected.

David O.

Cutting edge technology and impeccable customer service. Highly recommended!

Derk Hebdon

Verified customer